Cameras To Catch A Cheating Spouse

by admin on April 23, 2009

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Tactics To Catch Your Spouse Cheating

If you think that your wife or husband is cheating on you,  how can you be sure?

Capture them cheating on camera. That is easy to say, but what camera to catch a cheating spouse should you use? Luckily there are a number of choices and some of them are quite inexpensive.

Catch a Cheating Wife at Home

Home Security Systems to Catch a Cheater

Home Security System
Home Surveillance System

Probably the most useful method of spying on a cheating spouse at home is to be totally open about it and install a home surveillance camera. A two camera wireless home security system from Lorex is easy to set up and records to any TV/VCR/DVD Recorder and even includes night vision and the price won’t break the bank. A more sophisticated system also connects to the internet so you can monitor activity at your office over the internet. These also can be had very inexpensively for instance the Lorex Wireless Remote Surveillance Security System with Indoor/Outdoor Night Vision Camera costs less than $150. Many other home security systems in a wide range of prices are available at Lorex.

Convincing you wife to get one of these security systems is easy, just tell her that you are concerned about crime and want to not be worried about thieves when you are away from home. Another benefit is that you may get a discount on your homeowners insurance!

Less obvious (and more devious) is a hidden camera placed strategically in your home. A hidden camera to catch a spouse inside a fully functioning air purifier is a great example. Place it anywhere that you have a wide view of your living room or bedroom. And the benefit is that you also get clean air in your home.

Hidden Cameras in Home Appliances

Hidden camera in air purifier
Hidden Camera Alarm Clock

Another simple example is an alarm clock with a hidden motion detection camera that is completely self-contained, totally secure, easy to use and records on an SD card so that there is no wiring or transmitters to install. When you are ready to view what has been recorded just remove the SD card and pop it in your computer.

There are plenty of other hidden security cameras available like books you put on your bookshelf, calculators, coffee mugs, teddy bears and more. You can check them out at

Catch a Cheating Spouse Away From Home

A bit more difficult is to catch a cheating spouse if they are leaving the home and meeting at a clandestine place. Fret not, there are some solutions. A pair of sunglasses with a built in hidden security camera left discreetly on the passenger seat or dashboard could work for you. Or perhaps a “button cam“. Although this is a great body worn video recording solution for any private investigator or law enforcement officer you could leave a shirt or jacket on the back seat of your car with the button cam inside the shirt. This needs an external DVR to provide the power to the button camera and the recorder.

Hiddn Camera in Sunglasses
Button Hole Spy Camera
Button Hole Spy Camera

Another way to find out where a cheating spouse has been going is a hidden GPS tracking device. Although not a camera, it is the #1 GPS tracker used to catch a cheating spouse and the #1 GPS World Tracker used by private investigators. This palm sized global tracker can be hidden anywhere in a car and when you retrieve it you can download the entire trip tracking where the car has been or for some additional fees you can have it downloaded to your cell phone almost in real time.

GPS world tracking
World Tracking GPS

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Tactics To Catch Your Spouse Cheating


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The best way to catch a cheater is an Online Infidelity Investigation. Trace their email back to a secret personal ad.

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