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Do you want to find a private investigator online? Do you want to become a private investigator? Or do you want to do some online private investigations yourself?

If so you have found the right site.

What does it take to do your own investigative research online? Like anything you set out to do in life, you need the right tools. Of course, when you think of the tools you need as a Private Eye, you may think of cameras for surveillance or hidden cameras like the famous “nanny cams”. You may think of sound recording equipment like a parabolic microphone for listening at a distance or a pinhole camera in your necktie.

Sure, eventually you may need those things but the first tool you need is knowledge. You need to know where to find information about the people or persons you will be investigating before becoming a PI.

The old saying “knowledge is power” is never truer than in the world of private investigations.
And the fact of the matter is that there is information available to you that allows you to learn just about anything about anyone. You just need to know where to look for it. Have a computer? You must or you wouldn’t be reading this. Almost all private detective work, whether they be background checks or corporate investigation, or even infidelity investigations all begin right here with your computer.

Armed with your computer and the necessary knowledge as to where on the internet to find the right information, you can start your own online private investigation easily.

If you want to take your PI career further you will need additional formal training either at a private investigator school or course, or to apprentice with and established PI firm. Many states and localities now require licenses if you will be doing investigative work as a professional.  Like any worthwhile job it takes time and money to build your career.

But if you simply want to find out about a suspicious neighbor, a new daycare provider, do a background check on someone on your own, or you want to find out if your spouse is cheating, you can become your own online private investigator.

So, if you are a curious amateur wanting to find out information on someone, a budding professional testing the waters to see if the private investigator profession is for you or you have decided to make being a private detective your career, you will find the information you need here.

We hope that you find the resources on this site helpful and useful. Your comments are always welcome and we would love to hear about your experiences, so feel free to comment on our articles.

Other Information

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In hopes of finding the missing teen, Amber Dubois, a San Diego resident, the family has brought a private investigator who has much experience in local missing-children cases to the into the investigation.

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You’ve seen the movies. A dashing private eye solves the crime, gets the girl, and drives into the sunset in a shiny red Ferrari. Ah… if only real life could be that way.

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First, make sure the investigator you hire is licensed in the state where their business is located. Some states do not require a private investigators’ licence.

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